Grade Three Remembers 2013

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I have enjoyed the artwork this term. (Josh)
I’ve liked the sports games we have played, like Captain’s Coming. (Xander)
I liked seeing all my friends’ happy faces. (Julia)
I really liked our concert. (Alyssa)
I enjoyed having my two teachers, Mrs. K and Mrs. Rutherford. (Chloe)
I’ll remember Mrs. Rutherford for teaching us lovely things. (Jack) 🙂
I have enjoyed the blog. (Avannah)
I’ve enjoyed watching David Attenborough because I learnt new things. (Sam)
I like the videos on Mrs. Rutherford’s blog because they contain good information. (Lachlan)
I’ve enjoyed the sports games like Captain’s Coming and Sydney Airport. (Laughlan)
I liked Mrs. K and Mrs. Rutherford because they are really good teachers. (Kiera) 🙂
I liked getting to have a new teacher. (Zoe) X3
I enjoyed the school concert because it was fun watching the acts. (Fraser)
I liked it when we went on school camp with the Grade Fours. (Jai)
I enjoyed swimming because you could do whatever you want. (Zac)
I enjoyed the Joan Miro painting because we got to work in groups and paint a picture. (Latisha)
I liked school camp because it was so fun. (Kiera)
I liked being with two awesome teachers. (Julia) 🙂
I liked meeting new people like Chanelle. (Chloe)
I liked shooting hoops with Cameron because we shot hoops without playing a game. (Bailey)
I liked going swimming on the last day of school. (Xander)
I enjoyed giving my teacher her gifts. (Zoe)
I enjoyed painting the little canvases because everyone had a go. (Saige)
I like playing downfall with my friends, Zoe, Kiera and Saige. (Lachlan)
I liked camp even though all the top bunks were taken. (Laughlan)
I liked painting the Joan Miro boards. (Chanelle)
I liked everything we did in the whole school. (Avannah)
I liked the Joan Miro art. (Xander)
I like playing with my buddy named Bailey because we like shooting hoops. (Cameron)
I’ve enjoyed making new friends and having a new teacher. (Ben)
I’ve done so many fun things this year that I can’t choose one! (Lila)

We wrote some similes!

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As sharp as a knife – Ben
As scary as a monster – Jack
As sharp as a swordfish – Zac
As annoying as a troll – Oscar
As black as an Anderman – Josh
As annoying as a cat having a nightmare – Saige
As white as mould – Fraser
As white as Santa’s beard – Latisha
As black as night – Alyssa
As disgusting as a ton of sloppy cow poo – Jai
As smelly as someone who walked out of the sewer – Chloe
As funny as a screaming crowd at a Justin Bieber concert – Chanelle
As black as the soul of evil – Zoe
As cold as a shiver of fright – Katie
As green as an ironed school top – Ella
As cold as a sno-cone – Bailey
As black as Men in Black – Cameron
As cold as going to the Antarctic naked – Sam
As smelly as a Twit from Roald Dahl – Laughlan
As shy as my little sister, NOT! – Julia
As scary as Slenderman – Xander
As annoying as the internet – Kiera

New Bloggers

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My current Grade Three students are new to blogging. They have enjoyed playing with Chocky and watching videos on my blog. Many of them have visited the blog at home and shared the learning with their families.

Grade Threes, please leave a comment on this post telling everyone why you think blogs are good learning tools. Please remember that quality blog comments are positive and safe.