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Raising Avid Readers

Click on this picture to access a fantastic article that provides great hints about fostering a love of reading…


Shared Reading

I would love to make this video mandatory for all teachers and all parents. It is an animation of Sir Ken Robinson’s theory of Educational Reform and it speaks volumes. If you have a spare ten minutes, please watch it.


Great clip about cybersafety. This is such an important issue.

Here’s a link to a great article about how to encourage children to become avid readers.

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7 thoughts on “For Parents

  1. Hi Mrs Rutherford. I thought the 3/4s might like to try “Google Squared” to look at inventors. If they put invcentors in the search term , and add a column at the end “known for” it brings up some lovely lists. I love the class blog, and i’m looking forward to mad inventors day

  2. they might also like to search for women inventors , add add their own columns. I found the lady who accidentally invented the chocolate chip!

  3. Thank you so much Catherine! I will have a play with google squared myself and then suggest this new tool to the children. Thank you for being part of our learning!

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