Why do people pray?

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Zak – To believe in God and Jesus.
Porsha – Because if you don’t pray then you don’t believe in God.
Dom – Girls and boys in the school pray.
Tania – So they can bring faith and love into their hearts.
Harrison – If they don’t pray, they won’t go in heaven.
Evie – To speak to God.
Brodie – To give wishes to God.
Abbey C – It shows that you’re a Catholic.
Toby – To remember people that have died.
AJ – To remember your friends and family.
Indy – It is a special thing to do.
Remy – To say thank you to Jesus and God.
Jack – To show God and Jesus that you love everybody.
Mackenzie – To pray to others that have died.
Noel – To ask God to help you.
Louise – To show that you love.
Kade – To communicate to people in heaven.
Abbey B – To show respect.
Will – For God’s help.
Lucy – To believe in faith.
Liano – To thank God and Jesus.