A wonderful slide show about the history of communication technology:



This is a NSW dept. sample unit about Communication.

This is an entire Prep unit about Communication – with worksheets and resources.

Here’s a few fun ideas…

This site has some great ideas:

Here is a great powerpoint program of strategies to use to teach new vocabulary:

Jennifer Jones (the creator of the ppt above) has a blog full of brilliant literacy strategies. Visit it by clicking on this link:

This link will take you to a wiki with a huge number of links to articles and resources pertaining to differentiated curriculum.

What would Ken Robinson’s Ideal School be like?

See more at:

Link to Planning for Implementing (Queensland Studies Authority):

Link to Exemplar Whole School Planning Document


Link to Australian Curriculum by Year Level – via Queensland Studies Authority

A link to our Inquiry Planner for 2012 (modified as per feedback from survey)
Inquiry Planning Proforma 2012

Term 2 History Inquiry Planners

Term Two RE Planner (blank)
Blank RE Planner Term 2, 2012

I have used buble.us to create a mind-map of ideas for the 3/4 unit on Australia in the 1980’s. This is an easy and effective web2 tool that could be used on an interactive whiteboard when brainstorming with the class.

A clip from TES about ‘Personalised Learning’

4 thoughts on “Teachers

  1. Hi Mrs R.
    I just mistyped the antispam word and a huge comment was denied. Old age grrrr
    The powerpoint presentation using Steve Jobbs is terrific. I would also encourage everyone to read the Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell which has very good commentary on the value of hard work.
    All of the resources look terrific and congrats on putting together such a rich file.
    We are looking forward to Monday.
    Cheers Mrs M.

  2. Hi Mrs Rutherford, I also enjoyed the powerpoint on how to build students’ understanding of vocabulary. It is so wordsmithing. I love this term. ‘Strategies That Work’ also have a whole chapter on how to improve student’s understanding of words. It is also an easy read.
    I also liked the graphic organiser because it makes thinking clearer and less bogged down in words.
    Regards Mrs Chapman

  3. One day a gril found a nugget,the gril was excited the other gril was happy to find gold. they were very very very happy.

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