Term Three Homework Links.

This will all make sense when you receive your homework booklets for term three!




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WEEK 5 and 6
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Week 7’s homework is in your booklet.


Week 8:

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Use this helpful model when composing your prayer.

P = Praise God

A = Admission of faults

R = Request God’s help

T = Thank God

For example:

God, you are like a mother and a father to me. (praise)

I know I am not always patient and forgiving. Help me to be more like you. (admission of fault and request)

Thank you for all that you provide for me each day. (thanks)


188 thoughts on “Homework

  1. It would be fantastic to learn about history. When you learn about something think of something to do with that information. You may put it on a blog or on a PowerPoint, it doesn’t matter just try to make use out of it. When I learn about a topic in history I like to do something with that information for example I’m currently working on a project to do with Ancient Greeks, Romans (my favourite!), Celts, Saxons, Normans and the Middle Ages.

  2. I hate homework because is so hard. I like to learn some thing diffrent like Jean-luc said history and like callum says about giogrophy.Thinks for listening

    • Well first of all peter hate is a strong word, it would be better if you said something like I don’t like homework.
      And I would like our homework to be something about history or geography.

  3. We have had people from Finland come and have a look at our blog.The capital of Finland is Helsinki, and the flag is white with a big blue side ways cross on it. I found out that Finland is the 5th biggest country in Europe, that 68% of the country is forest, and that Finland ranks 4th in the world for the well being for kids.

  4. “We found out About our Visitors”

    There was only one visitor from Korea on our Blog. MUm thinks this is for political reasons but I think its because not many Korean children speak English.

    Three interesting facts I learnt about Korea are…
    1. Korean taxis are colour coded to show how experienced and how luxurious the taxis are.
    2. Traditional Korean roofs are curved to match the shape of a smile.
    3. Taekwando is the most popular sport in Korea

    an-nyung-hi ka-se-yo
    (this means goodbye in Korean)

    • Fascinating Heli. Thank you for sharing this learning. I’m really excited to see that you and your mum have had a chat about this work. 🙂

  5. Wow how much fun is it when you really turn your mind to wondering what it is like for others? I agree with you Heli, not many Korean children might speak English well but what if we tried to speak Korean and translated what we want to say to our visitors, that would be so respectful. Let’s try and see what happens? Tomorrow/today Friday we meet our new Chinese teacher May Tian,
    Nee how ma ( how are you) She she ( thankyou) but my spelling is not good. Cheers Heli and Mum, Mrs M.

  6. Hello Mrs Rutherford
    I had my first communion yesterday.
    My communion was great I loved it I even had a gold neck-leas to go with it.
    I even got a reword I loved church yesterday.

    • Congratulations on this very special time in your life, Thomas. You looked very grown up, and everyone in the whole Church was so proud of you, and Dan too! On Tuesday we’ll be going to Mass again, and you’ll be able to come up and have your SECOND Communion! 🙂

  7. Hi mrs Rutherford
    I hope you like it.
    A great country.
    Understanding people.
    Surrounded by beauty.
    The best place to viset.
    Right on to all country.
    And don’t forget the great son.
    Lovely views.
    Intresting places to see.
    Australia is the best country.
    thank you :]

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