Duck Hunt was a game my sisters and I used to enjoy playing. I find this version really, really hard, though. Tell me what you think…

Have you got a question you need an answer to? Try the mysterious Magic 8 Ball….

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 8.06.35 PM

Luca suggested this funny video….enjoy:

A new comic-creating website. It’s much easier than toon-doo, but maybe not as much fun.

Screen shot 2011-07-18 at 6.56.36 PM

Optical Illusions! Which one is your favourite?

Screen shot 2011-07-17 at 10.09.17 PM

Oh my heavens. This is so much fun:
Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 12.11.00 PM

Click on the cartoon I made to go to ToonDoo, a website that allows you to create comic strips. It’s awesome!

I have not played with this tool yet but wanted to post it for you straight away. I would really love it if one of the 3/4’s could figure out this tool during the holidays and come back to school and teach us all how to use it. Who will accept the challenge?

Screen shot 2011-06-26 at 8.19.08 PM

110 thoughts on “Fun

  1. Hi Mrs. Rutherfords dad,

    I think I know one of the ansers to your comments:

    I Why am i abble to jump higher than a house: anything can house’s cant jump? πŸ˜€

  2. Well done Joelly for working out the jumping riddle.
    Gemma, I’m glad you thought my snail joke was a really good riddle.
    Matthew, Good try with the riddle. You thought the answer was “Country” In a way you were nearly right because A Country does stay in its own corner of the world. But the answer I was looking for was “stamp”
    Mireille, I’m afraid you’ve got me stumped. I’ve no idea what the answer to your riddle is.Please let me know the answer.
    Harry, Imanaged to say “toy boat” fifty five thousand times without making a mistake. My effort to say it fifty five thousand and one ended up with me saying “Boy toat”, so I had to stop. Do you think I’ve exaggerated a bit?

  3. i like the poter pupet pals it was funy ovesly. The funest part was harry and snap had a fite about saying their names dumbudor. Juped up NAKED.

  4. Hello I really like the harry potter puppet pals. My favourive bit is when ron said ”I found the mysterious ticking noise its a pipe bomb!” and they all explode.

  5. Mrs. Rutherford! Are you O.K???!!! I hope your going to reply, because tomorrow its my Mum’s birthday, and I need to cut the cake with my Mum, and at 1pm, I have to go to Imorgen’s gymnastic gym party.A big bus is going to arrive, and its two-storey, and on the top, theres going to be a gym on the top! I’snt that execiting!

    • Hi Chanlyn. I’m fine thank you. It sounds like you’re going to have a very exciting weekend. I look forward to hearing all about it. I hope you’re not too tired after being up so late on the computer.

  6. Hi Kids,
    Heres a couple of jokes, more suited to your age group.

    One cow said to another cow “Moo”

    The other cow said “I was going to say that”

    A father asked his son “Whats on the television tonight son?”

    The son replied ” Oh, the usual Dad, a vase and a photo of Grandma”

  7. Hi kids,
    Tell me this. Whats yellow and white and travels at 100 ks an hour?

    A train drivers egg sandwich.

  8. Wow, I’ve just seen your art work.What a beautiful explosion of every colour imaginable.I couldn’t pick a favourite as they were all equally amazing. Its unbelievable that in this world there are paintings less impressive than yours selling for millions of dollars. Maybe I’ve just seen the next million dollar painting, who knows?

    How can you tell which end of a worm is the head?

    Tell it one of my jokes, then listen to which end laughs.

  9. I really like the Harry Potter puppet pals, but I think I’ve seen something funnier.
    harrap2001 funny hit check it out! F3AR

  10. I really like the popat pals but JR is just okay with it. We also like the Optical Illusions. It was very pretty! πŸ˜€ We also thought that the Simon game was very challenging πŸ˜€

  11. We think about the harry potter puppet show its a bit funny and we think all the characters look like them in the flim.

  12. We all thought the harry potter puppet pals thing was really funny because it showed Hermionie, Ron, Harry, Dumbledor and Snape blow up! Then Voldermort started singing “Voldermort, Voldermort ohhh voldi voldi voldi Voldermort.” Maybe you should put another one of ‘harry potter puppet pals on the blog that would be good. πŸ˜€

  13. Dear Mrs Rutherford,
    I really enjoyed all that fun stuff and the clip Luca suggested was very funny. My favorite game was the aquarium. Because you get to explore all the different types of under water animals.

  14. Hello kids,
    This is not actually a fun Item. I thought I’d tell you a true heartwarming story, especially aimed at any dog lovers amongst you.
    Over one hundred years ago in Edinburgh, pronouced Edinbrer, which is a city in Scotland UK there lived a policeman named John Gray.He would do his policeman duties with his faithfull dog “Bobby” at his side.On February 15th 1858 John Gray died.On the day of his funeral “Bobby” walked in front of the carriage carrying his masters coffin. They arrived at “Greyfriars” cemetry. Bobby stood at the edge of the grave as John Gray was lowered to his resting place.Following the funeral everybody made their way out of the cemetery.Bobby decided he would stay with his master. The man in charge of the cemetery tried to chase Bobby out, but Bobby just ran back to the grave every time.Apparently he would leave the graveside once a day to be fed by some very kind people.He would then run back to his masters side.Bobby kept up this routine for fourteen years. He died on January 14th 1872.
    If any of you ever get to visit Edinburgh, you may come across a statue of “Greyfriars Bobby” or you can go on the internet and type in Greyfriars Bobby to see his statue.

    • Thank you Dad. This is a great example of me learning along with the children because I had never heard that story before. It’s beautiful!

  15. I love toondoo bacause you can make cartoons.I like toondoo because you can make it say what ever you want it to say in a random voice. I don’t like the save the oceans(Kynan). The simon flash game is really hard and doesn’t really make any sence.

  16. Hello again.
    I’ve just discovered a few interesting Australian facts.
    Did you know that in 1883 it was illegal to swim at the beach during the day. This law stood until 1902. Of course you did.

    • Today a man went snorkelling in Melbourne, at Elwood Beach and got bitten by a 1m shark, who didn’t let go of his leg until he rang for an ambulance! The man was ok, but I bet the shark has got sore teeth tonight.

    • Hi Mrs Rutherfords I’ve got an interesting fact about Australia:

      Australia has some of the biggest crocodiles in the world! I saw on a documentry that there was a 20 foot crocidile lurking around the central of Australia and its skull was 65cm long!(:

      • Hello Seb,
        We like your information we think that that information is very good. I didn’t know that there was a crocodile that was 20 foot long and had a skull that was 65 cm long! Can you teach me some more?

    • Mireille, in Wales, chips are called crisps. There are many more flavours of crisps in the UK. My favourite used to be ‘prawn cocktail’.

    • Hi Mrs Rutherford,
      We really like the draw a stickman because it’s really funny, we are really glad that you put on the blog.

  17. I’m really excited about my blog. Only the same two people have commented on it. Maybe you and Mrs. Ryan can comment. I have two vokis. My cat Mojo and a Japanese cat which is English but with a Japanese style voice. I hope you get to visit it soon. I have three cartoon widets and one animated widget. Oh and congratulations with the photos!

  18. Dear Mr Rutherford,
    Playing mario is really hard because when ever I jump the screen moves up. Do you know how to make it not do that? Thankyou.

  19. Wow mrs Rutherford what a great blog. I love all the new games on the fun page and all your dad’s jokes and riddles are very clever it’s a shame we can’t meet meet him in person but I bet he would be lovely.

    • Thank you sweetheart. It is a shame you can’t meet Dad when he comes over next month. He would love to meet all of you too. Maybe next time he visits. πŸ™‚

  20. Hello grade 3/4,
    I’ve had some really special birthdays in my life. I’ll always remember my 63rd. The main reason being ,I was completely gob smacked when I recieved all your self made birthday cards. What a wonderful bunch you all are.To make all that effort just for me makes me wish I could meet you all in person and shake your very artistic hands. It would take ages to respond to you all individually, so I’ll just say thank you very very much for making me feel special.
    I’ve just thought of something. Maybe Mrs Rutherford could think of something whereby you all compete with each other, or maybe hold a raffle for a worthy cause. The prize being one of my famous original drawing of a horse.Signed and framed of course.

  21. I really liked the “Simon Says…” game, it really twisted my mind! Where did you get the game from? Have you ever finished Simon Says and gotten it right?

    Elena πŸ˜‰

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