Watch this great clip about organising your thoughts before writing..
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Can’t decide what to write about? Click on this link and let the machine help you!
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Click on this link to listen to some of the best stories ever, read by authors and celebrities…

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How cool is this picture retell of a very famous story? Can you tell what the story is? I think we could do something like this, don’t you?
Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 8.40.25 PM

I love the website literacyhead. Click on the link below and check out these excellent vocabulary pictures. Can you make one? If you make one, I will take a ‘photo of it and post it on the blog.

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Do you need a reminder about writing great blog comments? Watch this clip…


This is a wonderful game that will help you practise some spelling words. Again, this would be a great at-home activity that you could record in your diary.
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Words and More

This amazing website is a place where children from all over the world share their creative writing. Why not visit the site, read some amazing stories and write it up as your nightly reading? Who knows, you might even publish some work there yourself someday….?

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You may like to play this game in place of your nightly reading. Not every night, but maybe one or two nights per week. You would record it in your diary like this:  Grammar Game, Mrs. Rutherford’s Blog, 15mins.

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Typing is one of the best skills you will ever develop. Lots of people have commented on my own fast typing speed. I learnt how to touch-type the same way most people did; by practising and practising and practising. Play this game as often as you can and become a speedy typist. It’s a skill that will serve you well forever. Just click on the picture:

Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 9.40.21 PM

Here is a digital book I made through the web2 tool, Storybird.

The Bird on my Shoulder by erutherford on Storybird

16 thoughts on “English

  1. Similar to what, Luca? Remember to make your comments full sentences. You are a fantastic writer, so write nice detailed comments so that everyone knows exactly what you mean.

    • You will soon, Callum. We’re going to be learning all about them in a couple of weeks. I’ll help you to make one and we’ll put it on the blog. Good to see that full stop! 🙂

  2. I think the capital letter song is pretty wierd but still it’s useful.

    p.s how do you do other kinds of faces for a example, a sad face.


  3. Hi Mrs. Rutherford my bird pic-lit coudent come through so im going to tell you what it is ……..

    Does he ever feel tired or
    is just happy to be free?
    Flying above all nature,
    wings spread out and
    ready to land. 🙂

    by Joely Money

    • That’s an outstanding poem, Joely. I can see how carefully you have attended to your spelling and punctuation, but most importantly, I can picture a bird flying free in the sky. I don’t even need the piclit picture, because your words paint the picture in my mind. Well done! Keep at it.

    • Wow Joely, we thought your poem was fantastic! We really liked how you used a bird to write it, at least I think it is a bird.
      Would you like to listen to our poem, okay it goes like this

      I’m a rabbit that goes thump,thump,thump
      I can’t walk because I’m to plump.

      I really love to eat carrots
      For some reason I attract parrots.

      Hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Dear Mrs. Rutherford,
    Alisha has written two stories using “story starters”. She even drew a fantastic illustration to accompany the text.
    However, unfortunately we seem to have lost it. We are unsure how to save it, send it or post it.
    Could you please expain to us how we can save, send or post. We tried the help button but that didnt help.
    Sally (Alisha’s mum)

    • That’s wonderful! And welcome to the blog Sally!
      I wonder if there’s a way you could copy and paste the story into a word document. If not, I can have a look at school on Monday.
      I really hope to be able to see the story. 🙂

  5. Hi Mrs. Rutherford.

    I am reaily getting the hang of tiping without looking. The website really helps alot. I only knew how to type my name without looking, and now I can type most of the 5 letter words. Please reply, Alisha B.

    P.S. my mum loves the blog.

    • Thanks Alisha (and Sally!). I’m glad that the dance mat game is helping your typing. Keep working at it. Being able to touch type is a wonderful skill that you will use all your life.

  6. AT LAST I FOUND THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I SAID LOOK MUM I FOUND A VERY BIG PECE OF GOLG YOU MUST LOOK RIGHT NOW LOOK LOOK.

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