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Blog Users: Please remember to look through the 2011 Archived Pages for many more interesting games and activities. 


If you leave a comment about one of the activities on this page, please remember to tell everyone which activity you mean. If you write something like ‘that was great fun’ or ‘everyone should have a go’, we might not know which activity you are referring to.

Maths Challenges

Click on the link below to find some really tough maths challenges. If you find one you think others might enjoy, leave a comment to tell us about it.

Burarra Gathering

This is an amazing way to learn more about Indigenous Australia. This website, developed by Questacon in Sydney, takes you through a learning adventure. Have a play and let others know what you learnt.


National Geographic Website

This link will take you to a site full of amazing facts, games, activities and craft ideas.

This game will help you remember your nouns, verbs and adjectives. It will turn you into a GRAMMAR NINJA!

Practise using capital letters correctly:

Were/Where/Wear/We’re – Learn it!

Finding Nemo Clip:

Angler Fish Clip

National Geographic – Why the Ocean Matters

9 thoughts on “Learning Links

  1. These are the events of Holy week;
    1. Palm Sunday the citizens welcome Jesus into Jeruselem.
    2. On Thursday The last supper the Disciples recieve the bread & wine.
    3. Good Friday Jesus died on the cross.
    4. Easter Sunday Jesus has risen and his body was not found in the tome.

  2. Hello! I love all the activities here, especially Zed’s Capital Letter Game and the Grammar Ninja game. I’m going to show the persuasion clips to my Grade 3/4s when Term 2 starts. They’re great. Thank you Mrs Rutherford!

  3. Dear Mrs Rutherford,
    I really like the under the sea times table game.
    I was hard to start with but the I got used to it.
    Your blog is really cool and I really like it alot.
    I wonder if my blog will be ass cool.
    It must be alot of work to keep up with.
    You could probible keep up any way because your a teacher!!
    I’m suprised you don’t scream every day at school!!
    See you on monday.

  4. Hi there Grade 3/4 this is Mrs Kuric from St Francis of Assisi in Mill Park. Some teachers and I were enjoying your blog yesterday. We especially loved the Creeds that you created. I can’t wait to show my students your wonderful work. Keep it up and have a great term break.

    • Thank you so much Mrs. Kuric. Please encourage your students to visit our blog and leave feedback for us. We love receiving warm and constructive feedback from others. Have a great term!

  5. Hi this is Audrey,
    I can’t wait to see you all in different class rooms I hope everyone is happy and well.Hope you reply and I might get to see you soon.
    P.S I miss all of you so much.
    From Audrey

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