Hot Shots Excursion

What fun we had when we went to the tennis together. Have a think about this experience and write a comment on this post that tells us:
3 things you learnt
2 things you liked, and
1 thing you would like to know more about.
Remember, bloggers, if you comment on the photos in this post, do not identify anybody by name. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Hot Shots Excursion

  1. 1How to hold the racket
    3How to rally with a partner

    Noel liked watching the players at the grand stand
    Kade liked improving his skills with Jusin

    I want learn more About footwooork

  2. Mackenzie learnt about holding the racket down and listering to justin I liked about tennis was watching them play

    Toby liked watching Luke saville in the grand Stan’s and I want to learn more how to do a one gander backhand

  3. 1.Footwork,how to hit the ball and how to hold the racquet.
    2.Going up on the grand stand and playing.
    3.How to play properly.

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