Expert iPad users

We are so lucky to have iPads to use at school. We are enjoying using the app ‘explain everything’ to share our reflections.
Boys and girls, please leave a comment on this post to answer these questions:

1) Why do you think it is important to use iPad technology at school?
2) What do you already know about iPads and similar devices?
3) What would be a great way to use the iPads to help our learning?

Please remember to respond to ALL three questions.

24 thoughts on “Expert iPad users

  1. 1) I think iPads are important because you learn lots of different things and do different things.
    2)this is what I already know about I pads: I know how to use safari,some learning games and other devices.
    3)what would be a great way to use the iPads: do some maths on the iPads,reading and go on mrs rutherfords blog.

  2. 1 I think we should use iPads becouase we need to learn about learning apps.
    2 you can learn about school stuff.
    3 to lean more apps

  3. 1. I think it is important to use iPad technology at school because you can learn more about
    2.I know that using iPad can help with learning about the Internet.
    3.Too go on it and learn more about the iPad

  4. 1.ithink iPads are good learning techology
    2 iPads are very delicate because they can brake easily
    3to make a Video about reading

  5. 1). I think we should have IPad technology at school because if we waste all the paper and then we won’t be able to write anything .
    2).I know that you can go on any device and you can go on WI-FI and do what ever you want
    3).message each other to check spelling and the partner you are doing spelling words with could text each other.

  6. I think to help use learn more on the I pads
    I know about I pads that you have to be safe with them and respect them
    I think you should go on to google to mass games

  7. 1. I think it is Important to use iPads at school Because we need to know how to use iPads in grade 4
    2.I know how to use explain everything
    3.We could use more apps

  8. 1.So the kids learn more about them and learn how to play the games on them.
    2.I know how to play games and use google. explain everything we could make one that tells everyone about us.

  9. 1. I think it is important to use technology because you can learn more things than you can learn on your own.
    2. I know that an iPad is bigger than an iPod and a iPad minis
    3. I think a good way to learn things is to go into search

  10. 1.I think we should use the I pads for school because we can go on the
    blog and do maths on it and learn new things

    2.I know that I pads and other devices can easily smash without a soft cover
    on it.

    3.I think some great things to learn are maths and spelling and quizzes

  11. 1)it’s important to use at school because it gives you other knoliage
    2)I know that it can break easily
    3)iPads will help you leaning if you use interesting games

  12. iPads are importon because it is itristing and fun.
    I now that iPads should be hold responsible.
    A great way to learn on iPads is to use explain everting

  13. 1) because we need to learn more about technology at school.
    2)I know some maths games and art games.
    3)we’ll some maths games.

  14. 1. I think it’s good to have ipads at school because it helps us know where the keys are on the iPad or computer. 2. I know that ipads have to be respected. 3. Finding good people working.

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