Grade Three 2014 – A Class Pet

Welcome to my blog, Grade Three 2014. Your first job as new bloggers is to name our class pet for the year. As you can see, she is a beautiful purple hamster who loves running on her wheel and eating strawberries.  Please leave a comment on this post with a suggestion for her name. Remember, blog comments need to be short, polite and clear. 


15 thoughts on “Grade Three 2014 – A Class Pet

  1. To Mrs. Rutherford,
    I miss you!
    At school I am having the best time.
    I LOVE your pet hamster it is so cute!!!
    I hope you are having a good time !
    my sister Savanah just started school.
    I guess what I was student of the week last week

    nice regards Chanelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lovely to hear from you, Chanelle. I’m glad to hear your year has started well. Congratulations on your award!
      Say hello to everyone for me. 🙂

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