Thank you for visiting my blog. I am Emma Rutherford. I recently moved to country Victoria after living and working in Melbourne for a long time. I have been a teacher and educational leader for 12 years. Education is my passion. I especially like to use art, literature and digital technology to inspire and enthuse young learners. 

This blog is about three years old. I use it to showcase children’s work and to share engaging resources. It has become a crucial part of my classroom, my professional development and my communication with families. The children I have worked with have enjoyed exploring the games, videos and activities on the blog and have generously shared their thoughts and ideas.. Please feel free to look around, have a play and remember that all comments are always very warmly received.. Don’t forget to check out the archives too!


61 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Mrs Rutherford!
    I haven’t talked to you for a while. I have a lot of things on my mind I suppose.
    I was just wondering how you were going and how all of your students are as well.
    I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas, let alone a new year after that! I’ll be in grade 6
    Best wishes to you and your family, Merry Christmas ~ Immy xx 😉

    • Hi Immy
      Lovely to hear from you, as always.
      I agree with you – I can’t BELIEVE another year is almost over. And I really, really can’t believe that you and your friends will be in Grade Six next year. I hope you’re considering applying for a leadership role.
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Please give my love to your family and everyone at St. Kevin’s.
      Mrs. Rutherford xx

  2. Thank you for replying so quickly!
    This was posted a bit later than I’d expected. I was just wondering if you would be able to visit us again at St. Kevin’s. We’d all love that! By the way, all the grade sixes left today for high school. It was sad but it was good to see them happy to go. Jill Hodson and Mrs Petkovic left too! I can’t believe Jill has been at St. Kevin’s for 19 years! And also Mrs Petkovic, she’s been there since I was in prep!
    Anyway, I’ll hear from you soon!

  3. Hi Mrs Rutherford!
    I went for a leadership role and I got the Liturgy/Social Justice Captain!
    Like Elena and Matthew last year, I wanted to be a part of helping the poor and making donations that help them. I wanted to become a Captain because it was a good way of building my confidence and responsibility.
    See you!
    ~ Immy xoxo

    • Congratulations Immy! I was thinking about you yesterday and I wondered if you were considering a captaincy. I’m very proud of you! Who are the other captains?

  4. Hi Mrs Rutherford!
    Sorry about the late reply, but I had a lot on my agenda.
    Here is a list of the captains for this year:
    SCHOOL CAPTAINS: Piper S & Marcus J
    ICT CAPTAINS: Sophie F, Lucas D & Jiah D
    SPORT CAPTAINS: Alicia D & Joshua T
    ARTS CAPTAINS: Inez V & Lily M
    JUNIOR BUILDING HELPERS: Holly O, Ophelia C, Audrey N & Nikita M
    Immy~ xxx 😉

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